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Can Security and Safety Education Support Sustainability?

Security is a vital component of building occupant safety. FMs must develop and maintain a facility security program that includes security policies and procedures, training, tabletop exercises and lockdown drills. A literature analysis using NVivo software was conducted to investigate whether security and safety education supports sustainability. Word frequency queries analyzed 1283 publication records. Human […]

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Grandparent Guide to Modern Parenting

Grandparents have a lot of experience when it comes to parenting. However, the world of parenting has changed a lot in recent years. For example, it was once standard practice for a pediatrician to recommend that infants start on rice cereal in their first month because babies needed the iron provided by fortified rice. Babies […]

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The important role of the news producer

News producers have a variety of tasks to complete and must be able to work quickly. They also need to have good communication skills. Producers are responsible for finding the news that will be included in a rundown. This can include national, world and local news. They also have to stack the news in order. […]

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The Absolute 8 Best Marketing Agencies in 2023

Marketing agencies make bold promises and claims about the results they can achieve for your business. But, not all of them live up to their promises. Smartsites is a leading performance marketing agency that prioritizes client profitability. They are a Google premium partner, Facebook marketing partner, and HubSpot certified partners. 1. Smartsites SmartSites is a […]

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Best Lifestyle Choices To Promote A Healthy Heart

If you want to improve your cardiovascular health, choose a low-fat diet and limit salty foods. Try to eat leafy green vegetables, beans and whole grains (reduced salt) and add nuts, seeds and oily fish. Remember that many risk factors for heart disease are within your control, including being physically active, avoiding smoking and managing […]

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7 Reasons Why Video Games Are Good for Kids

Video games start out as fun, and if played in moderation can make learning fun for kids. From improved problem-solving to fostering social skills, video games offer a variety of benefits for kids. Despite the stereotype of gamers holed up in dark rooms with no social life, gaming often encourages kids to engage with their […]

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