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Desktop Antique Globes

Features On Desktop Antique Globes

Small, simple mobile globs are used in various offices and libraries since they occupy small spaces and are easy to carry.  They contain varying aspects, and most of the time, the number of features differs depending on the size and year of the globe.  Globes made in the recent past appear to have more features than those made long ago.

The features on the desktop antique globe depends on the type of information it contains.  However, some globes are well decorated just to create an excellent visual impression.  Below are some features of Desktop Antique Globes.

Different Continents are Present on the Desktop Antique globe

Most desktop antique globes have the world’s continent well drawn in 3-D on their surfaces.  They show how different regions are differentiated and the features that some share in common.  One can use the boundaries outlined in the globe to explain the principle of continental drift theory, suggesting that the earth was a single landmass.

By beholding the antique globe, one can locate the position of different continents easily.  The way North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia are distributed can be well understood using the antique desktop globe.

Drainage Features

The distribution of water bodies on the earth’s surface is well illustrated on some antique globes and can be used to describe the drainage patterns of those areas.  Hence, making it easy to understand how to come up with the shortest and less expensive mode of transport.  The drainage pattern in a place can be used to understand the terrain of the land.  The students of geomorphology can use the desktop antique to understand different river patterns.

The accordant and discordant drainage patterns of different regions can be understood well using the globe.  Different landforms, such as hills and mountains, act as obstacles to river flow, making the rivers form different patterns.

Different Weather Patterns on Antique Desktop Globe

Tropical, savanna, Mediterranean, desert, temperate, and tundra climatic conditions are well elaborated in diagrammatic form in the antique desktop globe.  Regions that receive a minimal amount of rainfall per year are well indicated in different colors from the ones that receive high rainfall.  Areas affected by increased advanced weather conditions are also indicated around the globe.


The antique desktop has many features on the surface that are good for geographical information.  Most of them have a complete view of the continents, and one can easily understand the jig-saw fit of the continental margins.  Various landforms and drainage patterns and their distribution can also be studied using the globe.

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